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A dedicated environment is made available for interacting with the primary GPG key that I utilize across my environments. It consists of an air-gapped Raspberry Pi with the necessary tools made available by NixOS. The image is generateed on my development machine and flashed to an SD card for the RPi to boot with.


To create the environment, start by cloning the configuration files:

git clone
cd dev-sec

Ensure that multipass is running and then run the following script:


The script will create a new multipass instance and mount the repository contents to it. Once the instance is running, proceed with the following script:


The script will execute nix build on the instance which will build the raw NixOS image file. The file will be copied to the local directory when finished. Extract the compressed image:

zstd -d nixos-sd-image-22.05.20220306.cf7e4ca-aarch64-linux.img.zst

Plug the RPi SD card into the local machine and verify it's device name:

diskutil list

Finally, flash the image to the SD card:

sudo dd if=nixos-sd-image-22.05.20220306.cf7e4ca-aarch64-linux.img of=/dev/disk4 bs=4m

Insert the SD card into the RPi and boot.