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This page provides instructions on bootstrapping my development environment on my current hardware. The purpose is for recovery should my hardware need to be reinstalled for any reason.

Initial Setup Wizard

The below steps are performed in the startup wizard:

  1. Select language and locale
  2. Accept privacy agreement
  3. Skip Migration Assistant
  4. Sign-in with Apple ID
  5. Accept EULA
  6. Create account

  7. Full Name: Joshua Gilman

  8. Account Name: josh
  9. Password: ...

  10. Enable location services

  11. Select timezone
  12. Skip analytics
  13. Skip screentime
  14. Enable dark mode

Manual steps

The following are (unfortunate) manual steps:

  1. Nuke the applications in the dock
  2. Move all applications into an Apple folder

Run Setup

Open a terminal and perform the following:

curl -s -o && \
curl -s -o && \
shasum -a 256 -c

Verify that the checksum passes, and then run the script: